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isra and mi'raj
isra and mi'raj

Isra and Mi'raj

Oh. Details. Creativity.

isra and mi'raj vr

Isra and Mi'raj

Incredible VR Technology in 8k.

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A Virtual Visit to


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The talent behind the project.

Story Line.

Respecting the significante of Isra and Mi’raj, our first step was to plan how to recreate the story at a magnificent scale- first mapping the overall story arc, and then defining the over all VR experience we wanted to create.


With the direction agreed we started designing concepts. We tested different color palettes and materials to develop the look and feel of the environment, and investigated every eye-catching detail that would make the experience more immersive.


Through production, we refined the final concepts, paying attention to every detail and testing the animation experience through different simulations for an optimal VR experience.

Preview the virtual tour in HD

fitted in a tiny VR headset.

Sneak Peak of the virtual tour in HD

Isra and Mi'raj

Watch The Movies

Bringing every scene
to life.

Our production team recreated every detail, from the smallest stone to the thinnest building cable, capturing the majestic soul of this historical place.

Our deep experience allows us to collabrate with tens of artists, delivering an incredibly rich VR experience to the highest possible level.

Hyper realistic details.
Super natural textures.

Amazingly smooth 60 Frames Per Second.

Wider. Smoother. Sharper.

An eye
for detail.

Our team created a revolutionary texturing
workflow to re-capture all the great little
details for our each object in the scene.

a reality.

We’re driven by the power of story.
From TV idents and adverts to video games
and feature-length films, our artists and
directors bring your ideas to life with stunning,
immersive visual content.

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